Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lots of Fun Between Your Legs

What's Been Cooking

Hi, everybody, Robert Dole Velocity President here. We've been cooking up all kinds of good stuff here at Velocity Cycling, and I'm here to tell y'all all about it. First off, earlier this month Daniel, Frank, Bob, Stanton, and I got together for dinner to plan out a training series and some talk about our upcoming retreat. That's Frank's hands working over the pork shoulder he roasted in his BBQ. It was a really good meal, and we had a pleasant time visiting with Stanton and his wife Susie. (Might I add that the Lubriderm pictured in the above photo really does work. Frank does have seriously senisitive hands.)

The plan is this: we will have a training event once month until April. These events are open to all Velocity, Inc. members. Recently, we've been getting some negative feedback that we are an elite (elitist) cycling club. "We're all about the races," some folks say. To be honest a small number of us actually race. I will race a few races this year, but we welcome all comers. Mainly we seek folks who enjoy riding bikes as much as we do. Other clubs whose focus is primarily racing the large majority of members race. Not so with Velocity Cycling.

We call ourselves a developmental cycling club. We are about supporting and imparting skills that promote safe riding in groups. Most of us are on the purposeful side of bike riding; however, none of us takes ourselves very seriously.

Today was the first in our training series. We held it in the parking lot of Bowie High School in lovely South Austin. Today's drills were about bike handling. Stanton created a course in the parking lot which included slalom courses and a small obstacle. The goal was to practice, at speed, riding in a group through the various obstacles. We also practiced cornering. It was fantastic practice, and really help me see areas I need to work on bike handling. Afterwards we headed over to the Veloway to ride there. It was a great time, and there was a lot of laughing during the day. Here's a pic from this morning:

Do these people look like threats to the peleton? I don't think so. Mainly because our strongest rider was at a race this morning.

So if you been thinking about joining, join in. Part with your 30.00, and you too can enjoy our training series.

Thanks for reading. Ride safe.