Saturday, March 29, 2008

Velocity Retreat Stage II: Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

It was a spirited ride on rolling terrain with an alternating brisk head and tail wind. Today was notable for the additon of a new rider to the Velocity peleton, Daniel Norton. There wasn't much change in GC though at one point Michael taunted us with the leaders' wind breaker (la veste verte) wadded up in his back pocket. He led a mighty chase to the finale on Thrill Hill where
Frank collected yet more KOM points.

Daniel pretended to the Sprint competition when he lead a solo sprint to the FM sign in the first 6 miles of the ride; however, Daniel succumbed to my sprinting prowess in the Mailbox Sprint near the finale. This sprint was notable as Daniel was pulling the peleton before the sprint gauntlet was thrown.

Today's Results:

Race leader, Vest Vert holder: Michael West

King of the Mountains: Frank Irwin

Sprinter Points: Robert Dole

Best Young Rider-on his Gold TT bike: Tom Hall

Most Aggressive Rider: Daniel Norton

Tomorrow holds the promise of drama and a potential shake up in the various contests as the Velocity peloton heads to the Massif Central of Texas and rides the Queen Stage out of Vanderpool.

(More photos)

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